My Art Rules

If the art follows all listed rules, it is a right (my) type of art. If it does not, it is incorrect. And such art is of no interest to me. I do not waste any time on it and do not even think about it. The rules are simple:

Rule 1:
Art should be esthetic. More precisely, it should be beautiful. Even if it depicts something ugly, it should be done beautifully.

Rule 2:
Art should provoke emotions. However, not all of them. The preferred ones are admiration and excitement. Disgust is forbidden. Emotion is not the main goal, but it is still one.

Rule 3:
Art should make you think. It should make your brain and mind work both consciously and subconsciously. The right art is intelligent (it creates thoughts)

In other words, art provokes at least a thoughtful look. If lucky, it brings a smile or a tear to a face, but not indifference or disgust in any way. Art leaves an aftertaste. The same that you get after a good wine, watching an inspirational movie or reading an interesting book. If your art creates that, it is a right one.

Author’s identity does not matter. His/her biography, sexual preferences, political views or critics’ opinion are of no use in understanding the art. Moreover, it shifts the focus from what it is really important. Therefore, I do not share anything about myself. Instead, enjoy the right art together with M-Ray.